Nowadays, more than ever, solidarity is the most treasured value and most prominent on the EU agenda. European Union has been supporting Serbia not only from the beginning of the pandemic but also in the past decade with investments and assistance in the areas of health infrastructure, wellbeing, crisis and risk management providing for safer and more responsive crisis management and civil protection in Serbia. These projects helped Serbia and its citizens to be better prepared for the challenges of the pandemic, natural disasters and also, through Regional Housing Programme, provide accommodation solutions to vulnerable groups.

In order to promote all the achievements and to highlight some of the examples of EU assistance to Serbia in this regard, EU Delegation launches the campaign „Za bezbedniji život – EU za tebe“  with the main message: EU cares about Serbia and protects its citizens by investing in projects that help them overcome challenging situations.


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  • blood transfusion centres and provided a total of 284 fully equipped ambulances for health centres around Serbia, 122 of which […]

  • Diabetes is often referred to as the “disease of the modern age” because its mainly caused by poor lifestyle habits. […]

  • “Thanks to the European Union and UNOPS’ programme, I managed to get a job for which I am qualified, to […]


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